Cosplay Masquerade at GEM


On February 7, 2015, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum will host their inaugural Cosplay Masquerade and the staff at GEM can’t mask their excitement. This is the first event held at the museum specifically dedicated to cosplay. Other events, such as Zombie Gras and Pirates and Princesses, have proven successful with cosplayers and cosplay fans. The event includes major prizes, light food and drink, and plenty more from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Along with admittance to the museum, the Cosplay Masquerade will include a costume contest for its attendees. The categories for the contest are: best couple, best group, best single male, and best single female. Judges for the contest were recently announced, including writer-illustrator-cosplayer Britany Marriott, comics artist-illustrator Margaret Huey, costuming-make-up artist Rebecca Hawk, along with GEM staff members.

“The museum has worked at trying to support and make a connection with the nearby cosplay events, such as Otakon and the Baltimore Comic Con,” Nadja Martens, GEM Sales Manager said. “But this event specifically at the museum will be another great time for more local attendees to connect and show off their hard work on a smaller scale and a more intimate setting.”

GEM anticipates that this will become an annual event similar to Zombie Gras. The event is inspired by the Venetian carnival tradition in which party goers dressed in elaborate costume, disguised by masks. Geppi’s Cosplay Masquerade will follow in that manner but with a pop culture twist.


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