Geppi’s Entertainment Museum Hosts Fifth Zombie Gras


GEM is shambling into spring with their fan-favorite event, Zombie Gras. Held over the weekend of March 28, 2015, this will mark the fifth year of the zombie celebration. Zombie fans from George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead all the way to the modern dynasty of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead are welcome to take a bite out of GEM. Each year a wide variety of costumes are featured at the event from zombie prom queens and zombie brides and grooms, to Edgar Allan Poe, zombie hunters, and even families decked out as thrillers.

The event will begin at 10 AM at GEM, then later in the day zombies 21 and older will be given wrist bands for a pub crawl at participating local bars and restaurants. They will be offered drink and food specials all over town. GEM will also have snacks and drinks, a costume contest, and plenty of fun events for zombies young and old.

“From excited kids and adults getting their faces painted as zombies, to the phenomenal cosplayers, to everyday fans, we’ve seen an incredibly positive reaction to the first four years of Zombie Gras,” Melissa Bowersox, GEM President said.


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