FAN (Fandom Advisory Network) is the online magazine of Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM). Why FAN?  It’s really straightforward: GEM is a museum created by a fan, Steve Geppi, who wanted to share his enthusiasm for popular culture with his fellow fans the world over.

In establishing GEM, Steve created a Mecca for his fellow fans, a place no serious fan would want to miss. Here on FAN, we’re looking for new ways to share what it means to be a fan…

That includes discussing the basics of collecting, talking with fans with true a passion for what they do, getting insights into different areas of collecting, discovering how general history and pop culture history are deeply entwined in the United States (and elsewhere), and more.

We’ll take a look at those who have made the journey from fan to professional, our current and upcoming exhibits at GEM, and we’ll go behind the scenes with them as well.

GEM is located in Baltimore’s historic Camden Yards sports complex, immediately next door to Oriole Park and literally just across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center.

Visit www.geppismuseum.com for more information or to become a member!

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